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Make your data available and analyse them quickly, securely and interactively, accessing them from multiple devices and platforms


Easy integration

Easily connect Power BI to other tools and existing solutions in your organization in order to implement an integral stratety of data analysis.


Power BI ensures you a competitive advantage thanks to its features

  • Integration with more than 60 data sources integracion con más de 60 origenes
  • Create reports easily and quickly power-bi reportes
  • Generate indicators and automatic alerts power-bi alertas
  • Interactive and modern data visualization power-bi Visualizaciones interactivas
  • Access from several devices dispositivos
  • Cloud or On-Premise service mode power bi service
  • Share information among work teams equipos
  • Real-time tracking of indicators kpi


We have a team of technicians with a vast experience in the development of business intelligence solutions who will help you build solutions with Power BI. We provide courses and training according to your methodology and needs.


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