Empower your business withPower BI

Drill down into your data with powerful dashboards

Increase your profit

Experience Matters

More than 30 years’ experience in the market allow us to help build solutions in a connected world

Talent is the key

Rather than believing in individuals, we believe in teams. Our employees are technical experts who keep their knowledge up-to-date by means of continuous training.

Experience at your service

Our company has extensive experience in the region, with a long track record providing quality solutions that make our customers more competitive and efficient.
Constant evolution
Continuous evolution

We are constantly movement forward together with our customers. Our employees are continuously trained and certified, making sure we are always at the forefront of technology.

Good practices
Good practices and better solutions

Our methodologies are tailored to our customers’ needs. Our aim is building solutions that add value and maximize productivity and efficiency.

Service quality and support
Service quality and support

Our main motivation is to satisfy our customers. We believe our commitment to serve and deliver a first class service is our greatest strength.

50 qualified developers
International certifications
Years of experience
We have worked in large-scale projects, including one with more than 1000 persons involved.

Products built with modern technologies

We implement all kinds of solutions in .NET platform and mobile devices. We have a team of experts in the best techniques of usability and application security.

  • git
  • jira
  • visual-studio
  • angular
  • x-ray
  • jenkins
  • jquery
  • underscore

We implement solutions

We use the best tools for software development


We help you discover, analyze and report your data quickly and in an intuitive manner.


We adapt Microsoft Project to your methodology and walk you through during the implementation.


We build both intranets and collaborative applications based on SharePoint.


We build cross-platform solutions for mobile devices using Xamarin.

Our customers speak

"Implementing Q-flow in La Boliviana Ciacruz Seguros allowed us to optimize it processes, incrementing both efficiency and information security, and reducing operational cost"
Boris O. Cazuriaga Cajías

La Boliviana Ciacruz Seguros

"The software solutions developed by Urudata Software for Guyer & Regules are key to all of our staff, significantly enhancing the quality of the services we offer to our customers, our processes developed with Q-flow, in-house software applications and document management solutions built with intellikon and sharepoint allow our firm to be highly recognized with regards to technology"
Eduardo Corrales

Guyer & Regules