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What is Q-flow?

Q-flow is a BPM system to create, automate and manage workflows to make your organization processes more efficient.

What can you do with a BPM System?


Q-flow is a process design tool using BPMN notation. In the designer, you can draw a process during requirements meetings. No technical knowledge is required to do so. And the simplicity in which the controls are presented allows you to draw the process very quickly and flexibly.

Q-flow characteristics Design Record Set up Control and measure Improve
Q-flow characteristics Design Record Set up Control and measure Improve

Explore the features that make Q-flow the most complete solution to speed up your business processes.

Simplicity for designing processes
  • Draw a process in a few minutes!
  • Add relevant information through notes, tags and artifacts that interact with the process.
  • Give meaning to each process step. To do this, select and configure the type of each activity, event and gateway. (**)
  • Set the version as the production version and it will be up and running! All that remains is for you to start those flows.
  • (**) This can take just a few minutes, configuring data and participating roles, or several hours if the process is complex, such as having integrations with other services or databases.
Robustness in assigning and delegating tasks
  • Decide the recipients directly when configuring the process or let them be assigned during the process. You can also make them be chosen automatically according to the user with fewer tasks and more.
  • If the recipient does not complete the task in a certain time, have it reassigned to someone else automatically or delegate it at any time.
  • If the recipient goes on leave, their substitute will be able to respond to their tasks!
Powerful systems integration
  • Communicate with your own systems.
  • Invoke REST or SOAP WebServices sending useful information to other systems in your company.
  • Send relevant information from your systems to the process and use it to make decisions.
  • You can also communicate with Sharepoint or update your databases.

100% Auditable
Automatic delegation
Automatic delegation rules
Control panels
Customizable control panels,
with graphs, traffic lights and views
Flexible integration framework for external services
Process versioning
Organizaion hierarchy
Powerful organization hierarchy modeling

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